Welcome to The Drinkist!
Your Host, The Drinkist

Let me begin by stating for the record that I am not a professional
bartender and I will happily defer to any number of truly great
"cocktailian" bartenders on the subject of technique. For that matter,
I'll happily defer to any number of outstanding scholars of drink on
just about any subject here.

I am, instead, merely a man who appreciates a good drink and
(just as importantly) a good story. I've spent some time reading,
some time thinking and some time drinking -- and I hope to share
some of the fruits of those "labors" (who are we kidding?) here and
to hear back from like minded indviduals.
Site Status

This site is currently in its early and (obviously) rudimentary stages.
It is my hope to refine, expand and improve it as time, my (hopefully
increasing knowledge) and resources permit. For now, it mostly
serves as an environment for The Drinkist Podcast, but in time I
plan to add additional function and improved cosmetics.
The Drinkist Pages

Welcome to The Drinkist!

The Drinkist is dedicated to exploring the history, science, art and
culture of the drink. I believe that a deeper understanding of the
context of our drinks gives us both a deeper appreciation for the
drink and an increased capacity to entertain and inform our fellow
  • An understanding of the manufacture and qualities
    of the various components of a drink and the
    process of preparing it allows to appreciate it more
    fully and to evaluate relative quality.
  • A knowledge of the history of drinking adds an
    additional level of complexity to the experience of
    the drink and hopefully gives the opportunity to be
    marginally entertaining to those around us.
  • A familiarity with the techniques of preparing a drink
    (both classical and modern) gives us a greater
    breadth of choices in preparing drinks for
    ourselves and our friends.